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Online Registration

Candidates can apply for open positions or register for future opportunities by going through the Online Registration process or by sending their resume at


Online Registration

Candidates wishing to register for a current job opportunity can do so by clicking the "Apply for CURRENT JOBS " button at the bottom of this page or by clicking the "JOBS CENTRAL" button on the top left menu in the banner and then clicking on the "Apply for CURRENT JOBS" button. This will get them into the Job Application Portal.

Candidates wishing to register for future job opportunities should click the "REGISTER FOR FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES " button at the bottom of this page or click the "JOBS CENTRAL" button on the top left menu in the banner and then click on the "Register for FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES" button to enter the Future Opportunities Portal.

To update their file, candidates should click the "UPDATE MY FILE " button at the bottom of this page or click the "JOBS CENTRAL" button and further click on the "UPDATE MY FILE" button to get to the File Update Portal.

In the first two instances, candidates can proceed ahead by uploading their resume or by building their resume online. For file update purposes, they simply review the information already entered and update it as necessary.


Application Steps

- Step 1            General information (All candidates)
- Step 2            Education and technical training (All candidates)
- Step 3            Employment history (All candidates)
Step 4            Consultation specialty (Consultation
Step 4            Licensing information (Flight or Maintenance)
- Step 5            Experience summary (Flight or Maintenance)
- Step 6            Experience by aircraft (Flight or Maintenance)
- Step 7            Other qualifications (Flight or Maintenance)
- Step 8            Management experience (Flight or Maintenance)
- Last step        Document upload (As necessary)

In all cases, the last step is used to upload documents, three at a time. The process is repeated until all documents have been uploaded.

In the case of consultants, Step 4 is used to enter detailed information about their fields of expertise.


Technical Information Transmittal

Pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians must complete steps 4 to 9 of the online application process. In both cases, only the relevant technical and experience information relevant for the position they are applying for should be entered. It is not necessary to enter all flight or maintenance experience. Mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk next to the field.

Before starting the application process, pilots and maintenance technicians should have at hand their licensing information and details of their experience (flight times and/or maintenance experience). They should download the Pilot Qualification Form PDF or the Maintenance Qualification Form PDF before starting the registration process.

Pre-filling either form manually with the relevant data, before moving online to steps 4, 5 and 6, will facilitate completing that part of the application process.


Download Forms :

Pilot Qualification Form Maintenance Technician Qualification Form

Please keep in mind that the accuracy of your professional information is critical to the selection process.


Resume Upload

Uploading your resume is an easy process, just follow the instructions on the relevant Career Portal.

Once the resume is uploaded, the information it contains is extracted and Steps 1 to 3 are automatically filled. You should review the data to ensure it is accurately transferred and distributed to the proper fields in Steps 1 to 3. Complete as necessary the other steps.


Resume Online Build

Alternatively, you can directly build your resume online. Again the process is made easy by following the instructions on the Career Portal. You should complete all the application steps as necessary.

Once you have completed the registration process, you will be sent an email to your main email address acknowledging your registration and giving you a password to access your file to update it later on.


User Name and Password

You should keep a copy of registration response email to retrieve your user name (your email address) and password for future update of your file as needed.

If you forget your password, first get into the Update Portal by clicking the "JOBS CENTRAL" button on the top left menu in the banner and then selecting the "UPDATE YOUR FILE " button. Next, simply enter your email address in the email address box and click on the "Retrieve password" button. This will retrieve your password or create one if you did not already have one.

You can change your password by visiting the File Update Portal and click on the "Change Password" button. You can then change your password as needed.

You can update your file any time by entering the File Update Portal and selecting the "UPDATE YOUR FILE " tab. You just need to enter your user name (your email address) and the password received via email. Once in your file you can proceed to update your information as necessary.









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